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3/18/2020: Water Security Test Bed

Presenter: Steve Reese

In this information forum, people are not required to provide a doucmented presentation, but instead to share the nature of their research and interests to possibly include some interesting stories along the way.

Events We Attend

9th Annual Energy Policy Research Conference

The Energy Policy Research Conference is a premier, interdisciplinary forum in North America that examines the drivers and impacts of policy in energy-related systems. The 9th Annual Meeting will focus on how energy policy is framed, influences and is evaluated in times of disruptive change. The event will bring together leading researchers, as well as policymakers, practitioners and members of the private sector from September 29th to October 1st, 2019 in Boise, Idaho. The aim is to explore issues and opportunities with up-to-date, interdisciplinary research, while fostering in-depth, cross-cutting exchanges of ideas.

EPRC 2019

National Homeland Security Conference

NHSC2019 will bring together 1200+ Homeland Security, Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Management professionals, federal agencies, nonprofit agencies, business owners, universities and decision makers to learn about emerging trends in homeland security and see the new equipment and technology available to support missions.  This event provides participants with strong educational and informative tracks, offering an excellent opportunity to interact with exhibitors who provide goods and services, protecting states and urban areas. With several business-critical educational workshops, informative general sessions, keynote presentations, networking breaks, live demos, exhibitor tracks and social functions, you will not want to miss this opportunity!

Critical National Infrastructure Summit

Overview: The future is now, and it’s connected. Investment in Critical Infrastructure is higher now than it has been in the past decade. As systems evolve, interoperability and the convergence of cyber and physical security move to the fore. Technology is exposing vulnerabilities in existing security systems, forcing new approaches to enterprise risk management, and upending what we knew about preparedness and resiliency. It’s creating opportunity. What does this investment in critical infrastructure mean for the future of our cities? How can we leverage solutions to overcome siloes in critical infrastructure sectors, and encourage collaborative working in emergency response? What will the future of physical infrastructure protection look like?

Automotive Cybersecurity Summit

Automotive Cybersecurity Summit will be held in Silicon Valley on Tuesday, October 29th. In support of DHS CISA Ollie Gagnon, INL ROC’s Chief Strategist & Relationship Manager, will present the Case Study: Cybersecurity Parallels Between UAS Integration and Introducing Autonomous Vehicles Into Infrastructure. He will start with an overview of work being done through the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency’s (CISA) Aviation Cyber Initiative (ACI). This case study will examine the risk parallels and areas of best practice between introducing and securing against Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the aviation ecosystem, and putting autonomous vehicles onto our roads.

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Americas

The Nation’s critical infrastructure provides the essential services that underpin American society. Proactive and coordinated efforts are necessary to strengthen and maintain secure, functioning, and resilient critical infrastructure – including assets, networks, and systems – that are vital to public confidence and the Nation’s safety, prosperity, and well-being. Critical infrastructure must be secure and able to withstand and rapidly recover from all hazards. Achieving this will require integration with the national preparedness system across prevention, protection, mitigation, response, and recovery.

10th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium

The State University of New York Maritime College, in collaboration with the National Academy of Sciences, industry partners, and Federal, State, and local agencies, will host the 10th Annual Maritime Risk Symposium (MRS 2019). The event will be held on November 13-15, 2019 at New York Maritime College located in the Bronx New York.

MRS 2019 will bring together academics, government, and commercial entities to discuss the threats, challenges, and risks associated with the Marine Transportation System, both internationally, and domestically. With a focus on the articulation of current and future marine transportation challenges and threats, the symposium will outline the implementation and operationalization of a sound marine transportation strategy. The symposium will assess threats, vulnerabilities, and recent advancements in research to inspire ideas for innovative research that will help define the next evolution within marine transportation.

Resilience Week Symposium

 Large disasters may ripple across cities, regions or even nationally through interconnected critical infrastructure systems. Right now, many of those connections are invisible, making it very difficult to put effective mitigation strategies in place. Critical links are often uncovered too late, causing greater impacts to infrastructure and challenging recovery efforts on the ground. Join us for the Resilience Week 2019 Symposium to discuss how private and public partners can work together to ensure a secure and reliable flow of energy across the nation.

National Disaster Resilience Conference

The 2019 National Disaster Resilience Conference will bring together the nation’s foremost voices in the disaster safety and resilience movement on November 19-22 in Clearwater Beach, FL. Keynote presentations, discussion panels, and spotlight topics will focus on the latest in science, policy, and practice to create more resilient buildings and disaster-resilient communities in the face of earthquakes, floods, hail, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, and wildfires, as well as human-caused disasters. Design professionals, emergency managers, financial services experts, futurists, housing experts, insurers, journalists, meteorologists, product manufacturers, risk communicators, scientists, social psychologists, and many others will come together to make this conference an innovation incubator for the disaster safety and resilience movement.

International Association of Emergency Managers (IAEM)

Emergency management decision-makers
Homeland security officials
Local, state, federal, NGO, tribal, military and private sector emergency managers
Business continuity planners
First responder coordinators
Healthcare/hospital emergency managers
Private sector industry risk managers
Contingency planners
University/college emergency managers
Educators in the field of emergency management/homeland security
Elected Officials involved in disaster planning

Association of Continuity Professionals Annual Conference
DRI International

Each year DRI International, the leading non-profit that helps organizations prepare for and recover from disasters, hosts an event designed for the business continuity community, by the business continuity community. It addresses the topics business continuity management (BCM) professionals care about most and providing a first-rate educational experience that informs and inspires. We go in-depth on BCM with specialized tracks in topics like healthcare preparedness, cybersecurity, and technology recovery. This is a unique opportunity to hear and speak with the leading experts in risk and resilience – real industry leaders from around the globe in both the public and private sectors talking about their actual experiences in response and recovery.

RIMS (The Risk Management Society)

Who should attend? Anyone tasked with risk responsibility or providing services to risk professionals
RIMS 2019 is set to deliver a diverse range of educational sessions facilitated by risk management innovators, disrupters and practitioners. Session tracks fall into categories ranging from Career Development and Claims Management to Cyber and Technology Risk and more. RIMS 2019 is the largest risk event of the year. You’ll find an unprecedented number of sessions exceptional across a wide-range of risk-related topics.

DHS National Cybersecurity Summit

The DHS National Cybersecurity Summit represents public-private partnership in action. By convening dozens of CEOs and senior executives with U.S. Cabinet secretaries and senior government officials, along with hundreds of senior risk and security officers across a wide range of critical infrastructure sectors, this Summit conveys the imperative that the evolving and increasingly sophisticated and persistent cybersecurity threat landscape compels a collective approach to defending networks and managing national risk.

National Cyber Summit

National Cyber Summit is the nation’s most innovative cyber security-technology event, offering unique educational, collaborative and workforce development opportunities for industry visionaries and rising leaders. Our core focus is on two things: accessibility and connectivity.

GSX (Global Security Exchange)

Security professionals from across the entire supply chain throughout the globe come to GSX for the most comprehensive security education and innovative technology in the world. And only ASIS International has the expertise, influence, and resources to deliver the industry’s flagship event.

Association of Defense Communities (ADC)

ADC builds resilient communities that support America’s military. We are the connection point for leaders from communities, states, the military and industry on community-military issues and installation management to enhance knowledge, information sharing and best practices. With nearly 300 communities, states, regions, and affiliated industry organizations, ADC represents every major defense community/state in the nation. Our Focus Areas: Advancing community-military partnerships that promote the value of military installations, and strengthen communities and states through collaborative relationships and sustainable regional planning; supporting communities and states addressing changes in military missions and their impact on local and regional economics; cultivating private sector resources to support military infrastructure, energy security, environmental remediation and conservation; helping communities and states create great places for our service members, their families and veterans to live, work, and play. Numerous ongoing/regular events/conferences:

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