INL Resilience Optimization Center



History of Industrial Control System Cyber Incidents (December 2018)

Kevin Hemsley, Dr. Ronald Fisher

Novel capabilities for examining and summarizing hierarchical and geographic resiliency profiles (May 2018)
Resilience History and Focus in the United States (January 2018)

 Dr. Ronald Fisher, Michael Norman, Dr. James Peerenboom

An Integrated Approach to Improving Power Grid Reliability: Merging of Probabilistic Risk Assessment with Resilience Metrics (2018)

Bjorn Vaagensmith
Timothy McJunkin
Kurt Vedros
Jesse Reeves
Jason Wayment
Liam Boire
Craig Rieger
James Case


Preparing the Next Cyber-Resilient Workforce through Cross-pollination Education (October 2017)

Robert Edsall, Harvey Hembree

Cyber-Informed Engineering (March 2017)

 Robert Anderson, Jacob Benjamin, Virginia Wright, Luis Quinones,
Jonathan Paz


Enhancing infrastructure resilience through business continuity planning (Winter 2017)
Strategies, Protections, and Mitigations for the Electric Grid from Electromagnetic Pulse Effects (January 2016)
Cyber-Physical System Security With Deceptive Virtual Hosts for Industrial Control Networks (May 2014)

 Todd Vollmer
Milos Manic, Senior Member


Experimental validation of a resilient monitoring and control system (2014)

 Wen-Chiao Lina, Kris R.E.Villez, Humberto E. Garcia

Resilient control systems Practical metrics basis for defining mission impact (2014)
Agent-Based Cyber Control Strategy Design for Resilient Control Systems: Concepts, Architecture and Methodologies (August 2012)

5th International Symposium on Resilient Control Systems

Craig G. Rieger, Quanyan Zhu,Tamer Basar

Notional Examples and Benchmark Aspects of a Resilient Control System (August 2010)
Critical Infrastructure Modeling: An Approach to Characterizing Interdependencies of Complex Networks & Control Systems (May 2009)
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