INL Resilience Optimization Center

A National Center for Systems Resilience and Risk Management

Be Resilient Against

IROC (INL Resilience Optimization Center) is a strong multi-disciplinary team tackling challenging resilience problems through a holistic approach that leverages our capabilities in Cyber Systems, Full Scale Infrastructure Testing, Intelligent Instrumentation and Control, Emergency Planning and Response, Vulnerability/Risk Analysis, Integrated Energy Solutions, Modeling/Simulation, and Visualization/ Scientific Computing to offer state-of-the-art infrastructure analyses across the physical and cyber dimensions.

What Are Your Options, and At What Cost?

Work with us to identify your options before you incur costly damage. We prepare government and private industry assets to be more resistant to disruption and to be faster, less expensive, and more informed.  We will help:

  • Rapidly assess if you have resilience gaps
  • Define how your current resilience posture affects your operational success
  • Map and validate your system interdependencies
  • Explore your options for mitigation
  • Leverage existing best practices from public and private entities

Disaster declarations between 1995-2004

Disaster declarations are on the rise.

Disaster declarations between 2005- 2014

Billion dollars in FEMA assistance 1995 -2004

Disaster funding has nearly tripled over the past 19 years.

Billion dollars in FEMA assistance 2005 - 2014

Estimated Cost of Cyberattacks on Organizations Globally

Billion dollars annually

Up to 53 percent of cyber breaches are caused by preventable employee error or sabotage from within a company in both public and private sectors


Only 5 percent of organizations have business continutity, cyber security, and physical security plans


American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) rated US Infrastructure a D+ in 2017

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